MM transmissions sorted by power capacity

Maximum power graph for MM gearbox

In order to find the gearbox that is adapted to your needs, please check the table opposite.

The Masson-Marine gearbox denomination

MM gearbox

All our gearboxes are symmetric with respect to the direction of rotation; the output shaft may run in engine-wise direction or in counter-engine-wise direction in the ahead mode of the ship.

Masson-Marine transmission names are composed as follows:

First part of the name:

  • MM: Masson-Marine
  • W: "workboat", as our gearboxes are designed for professional applications in continuous operation
  • Number: this is the model type; the higher the number, the higher the power ratio that can be transmitted

Last part of the name:

  • : The gearbox is a standard gear with vertically offset input and output shaft lines.
  • NC: No Clutch
  • NR: "Non Reversing" - this transmission is a clutch/de-clutch gearbox (no reverse gear).
  • CEW: "counter-engine-wise" means that the direction of rotation of the output shaft is the opposite of the input shaft rotation.
  • EW: "engine-wise" means that the input and output shafts rotate in the same direction.
  • C: "coaxial". The input and output shaft lie in line with one another.
  • DS: "dual speed" - this gearbox has two different reduction ratios


MM W 20000 NR CEW: non-reversing transmission, model 20000, with input and output shafts rotating in opposite directions.

For all specific requests, please contact us.

All our transmissions can be adapted to CPP, i.e. be built as non-reversing clutch/de-clutch transmissions.

Options And Special Features

Our gearboxes have a reliable and steady hydraulic system, and strong casings machined with high precision. They are suitable for continuous heavy-duty operation.

As an optional equipment, we can also supply the engine coupling, the propeller shaft coupling flange with registering coupling bolts, and SAE bell housings.

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