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Masson Marine sas entrance

Masson Marine is a marine propulsion company who masters, designs, produces and 'packages' the system.

To respond to the demand of its clients, Masson Marine has gone 'international' all across the globe. As a matter of fact, ships fitted with Masson Marine propulsion systems are being built, and are working, all over the world.

So, Masson Marine S.A.S., based in Sens (France), is the main production site, where all of the production (from design to packing) is being done.

Masson-Marine Engineering, based at the production and assembly location in Sens (France), answer all enquiries submitted by the subsidiaries and the clients. The Service and Engineering section, which is most important within the Masson-Marine organisation, enables us to respond to the wide variety of requests (involving fishery, Navy, tug boat, supply vessel, sailboat, and other rather specific applications).

Masson-Marine Iberica is a sales and service subsidiary located in Madrid (Spain).

Masson-Marine Propulsion is our Asian affiliate based in Singapore and covering all of Asia.

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