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Masson Marine was part of the French delegation during the state visit of President François Hollande to South East Asia


An excellent appointment with the Royal Malaysian Navy in Kuala Lumpur, during the visit of French President François Hollande to Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, from 26 to 29 March 2017.

Selected from a list of French PME in the mechanical engineering, iron and steel, defense and space industries, Masson Marine was present at the signing ceremony of economic and trade agreements between France and Malaysia, then Indonesia and Singapore.


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Inside marine

Interview from our Sales & Marketing Director Mr Jean François ROUSSIAL

Please download below the article published in Inside Marine issue dated september 2016

ISO 9001 Renewing

BV certificate

10 Years Quality

10 Years Performance

We are happy to inform you that, further to latest June 2nd LRQA visit, we have been granted by the Bureau Veritas with ISO 9001 renewal - 2008 version. 

The certificate is covering our activities of creation, engineering, production and sales of propulsion systems for marine and relative activities.

You can download the certificate on our page.

We insist on the fact that Masson keep caring about it's customer's satisfaction for more than 10 years and we confirm that we remain very grateful, thanking all partners and customers for their support and trust in Masson team and products.

Let's go on together!

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Masson Marine supported by its district

Yonne department Office supporting local companies, Yonne Développement , has made an interview of our president. It is relating Masson global activity and leading place on its market, giving an idea of the sea industry, in France and all over the World.
Please see below link to read the article in french.

Masson's visit at the Ministry of Transport in Jakarta

A highly rewarding meeting

Masson Marine visited the Headquarter of the Indonesian Ministry of Transport in Jakarta.

"During 2 days of intensive meetings, we visited every departments of the ministry. 
It gave us a great oppurtunity to introduce ourselves, to meet people who make the departments run and to know them. We thank you everybody for their very nice welcoming."

In the next 5 years, Indonesian government will produce more than 8,000 vessels in order to increase the connection between the Island, the fishing activity and the security.

Masson Marine will of course take part to this enormous project.

We will keep you posted !

High ratio gearboxes

MM W3350 k=6.842:1


Masson Marine's range is now updated with new high ratio gearboxes, already approved by several classification companies, such as BV, NKK, GL, LRS, ABS at this day.

We can now offer you several possibilities, for example new MM W3350 available in 2 different ratio : 6.444/1 and 6.842/1 for a pawer of respectively 855 and 711 hp at 1800 rpm.

Another possibility is using a "boîtier RCA": for example if you fit it on a W7400, we can reach up to ratio 14.007/1.



Some possibilities in our range :

W3300 k=6.941:1 with 633 hp at 1800 rpm

W3350 k=6.842:1 with 711 hp at 1800 rpm

W3900 k=6.955:1 with 851 hp at 1800 rpm

W6400 k= 7.098:1 with 1279 hp at 1800 rpm

W7400 k= 7.521:1 with 1474 hp at 1800 rpm and up to k=9.077:1 with 1216 hp at 1800 rpm and also possibility to reach k= 14,007:1 with so called "boîtier RCA" (783 hp à 1800 rpm)

W20500 k= 7.21:1 with 4015 hp at 1650 rpm and up to k=11.894:1 with 2434 hp at 1650 rpm


NB: data based on BV approved power ratings


high ratio

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