When Masson-Marine were part of the ZF group (from 2000 to 2005), we built and sold ZF-branded propellers, the model range of which you will find in this section.

These propellers being in operation today, we can, of course, ensure their service, technical support, and assistance in repowering projects. Please refer to the Masson-Marine product range for equivalence in all new constructions.

As to the naming system of the propellers of this section, G3 and G4 are 3-blade and 4-blade designs, respectively, for comparatively low power applications. The KH series is a range of controllable pitch propellers with an integrated servo cylinder in the hub, whereas the KM range is a design with a separate servo cylinder located in the engine room.

For performances and dimensions, please go to the corresponding section of each propeller model.

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