Azimuthal Thrusters

Thruster at design stage
Thruster frame
MML55 final version

An innovative propulsion system

POD system

In order to match with customer's wish and need of green vessels and high maneuverability, we have recently developped our azimuthal thruster. Our 2 first units of MML55 model have already been sold and newly installed in the Hermione, new contruction of the historical Lafayette.

Main features: Maximum maneuverability, optimum efficiency, economical operation, installation to save space and easy maintenance.

Innovative search on our system are mainly based on :

  • Propeller pump* propulsion, which means that the water flow is driven by a nozzle - fixed blades couple. It makes water rotate and come faster on the propeller area. Then,propulsion efficiency is improved by 10%.
  • Thruster is completely enclosed in a housing, which makes decrease hull pulsations.
  • 100% electrical use, which has a great environmental impact on greenhouse gases and also on noise level produced.
  • The motor is mounted on the top of the installation in vertical position, deleting a conical couple.
  • Propeller can be orientated 360°.
  • Target power around 250-300kW.


Product Data Sheet to Download

100kW or 300kW Thruster

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