gearboxe assembly

The assembly of a gearbox, which contains a large number of precision-machined parts, must be perfectly mastered and executed by trained and qualified personnel.

Before the actual assembly process, all parts are controlled and stored in our warehouse.

After the validation of a client's order, a technical data card is emitted. This card will follow the gearbox throughout the entire assembly process, to allow for its traceability.

Each fitter will assemble a complete gearbox. His first task will be to fetch the parts from the warehouse and make sure all the components are available, before starting the assembly.

Next, the parts are being cleaned. This is done in a special "washing machine".

Then, the component units can be assembled. See picture below.


Gearbox assembly ending

After this, the assembly of the gearbox itself will begin. The job is executed under strict respect of our quality rules.

Once completed, the gearbox will receive its external pipework: this will establish the hydraulic connections required for operation: ahead clutch / reverse clutch pressure, lubrication of the rotating parts and gearwheels, monitoring equipment for pressure, temperature and other parameters...

Now the transmission is installed on the test bench to undergo a strict testing routine, making sure of good operation under almost-real life operating conditions. For further information, please refer to the "test bench" section.


Having undergone testing with success, the gearbox is cleaned and dried.

It will then receive a specific corrosion protection coating for marine environment.

Finally, the gearbox receives its paint coating according to the client's specification.

gearbox ready to go

Quality control then make a final inspection.

After this last inspection, the QC quality certificate will be delivered, in accordance with the appropriate survey organisation specifications (client's choice).

On Masson-Marine level, the QC certificate will enable us to invoice and to pick up the gearbox for shipping.

Thus, the last operation is the packing of the gearbox.

Propeller assembly

CPP assembly

The assembly of our propellers takes place in the perfectly adapted AMP factory in China. However, they can also be tested, reassembled and inspected at our French site.

The environment of this kind of assembly process is of course absolutely clean and orderly.

CPP are products that require the handling of long, large, and heavy components (such as the propeller shaft, hub, blades, etc.)

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