Introducing BV

Expert bodies such as Bureau Veritas, with international outreach in ship classification and related services such as certification, training and consultancy, can help to set, recognised and maintained international rules for a better maritime economy.

And thus bring benefits to ship-owners, shipbuilders, shipyards, equipment manufacturers, insurers, brokers, bankers and Flag States.

Type approval

Masson Marine have ABS type approval for their marine gearboxes.

Mode 1

The « Mode 1 » is an agreement, between Masson Marine and BV, which autorises us to proceed to the qualification of our transmission gears and gearboxes before shipping them to the customer.

This “Mode 1” (also called « Approbation d’atelier ou de chantiers pour surveillance BV de Mode1 ») has to be renewed every year after a quality audit by BV inspectors and its duration is 4 years.