Model W 8450
Power/RPM Kw/RPM (Hp/RPM) 0.764(1.025) 0.680(0.912) 0.620(0.831) 0.602(0.807)
Maximum rated input Kw(Hp) 1604(2152) 1428(1915) 1302(1746) 1264(1695)
Ratio 8.128 8.707,9.129 9.552,10.015,10.706,11.067,11.745 12.096
Maximum Input RPM 2100
Dry Weight kg(lb) 3800(8378)
SAE bell ( – ) None
Offset type Vertical
Kinematics Non Reversible, Engine Wise and Counter Engine Wise


  • Robust design and easy onboard maintenance.
  • Robust design also withstands continuous duty in workboat applications.
  • Fully works tested, reliable and simple to install.
  • Reverse reduction marine transmission with hydraulically actuated multi-disc clutches.
  • Case hardened and precisely ground gear teeth for long life and smooth running.
  • Robust cast iron casing for direct or remote mounting.
  • Emergency “get home” capability.
  • Integrated Roller Thrust bearing.
  • Design, manufacture and quality control standards comply with ISO.
  • Suitable for twin installation with 100% rated power in ahead and astern condition.

Standard Equipment

  • Oil cooler complete with fittings and flexible hoses.
  • Integrated Brackets.
  • Free Standing only.
  • Single oil filter.
  • Manual clutch control.


  • Engine-matched torsional coupling.
  • Propeller shaft flange and coupling bolt set.
  • Classification by all major Classification Societies on request.
  • PTO (live or clutchable).
  • Electric trolling valve for slow-speed drive.
  • Shaft brake.
  • Electric clutch control.
  • Trailing Pump.