Power Take Off (PTO) / Power Take In (PTI)

Ships need electric and hydraulic power to move such auxiliary equipment as winches, bow thrusters, freezers, etc. Our power take-off drives (PTO) are integrally attached to our reverse and/or reduction gearboxes and are driven by the propulsion engine.

This solution allows to drive multiple hydraulic pumps and alternators from the main engine, and thus to avoid additional cost for auxiliary engines. Also, the space gained in the engine room can thus be used for the ship’s hold instead. Since PTOs are integrated into the transmission, their installation and maintenance is simple.

Masson-Marine can supply a range of power take-offs for all types of application.

Each output will be adapted to your needs, e.g. 1500 to 1800 rpm for alternators, and 2100 rpm for pumps. Just let us know what you need, and we will come up with the appropriate system. Our PTOs are live and/or clutch-controlled, single or multiple output (up to 9 output shafts).

Our gearboxes can also receive so-called “power take-in” or “power take-home” drives for emergency and/or come-home operation, as “booster”, or for electric propulsion. These applications are entirely automated for smooth transition from diesel to electric propulsion, and vice versa.

Gearboxes from MM W 3450 to MM W 7400
PTO type Number of output shafts Possibility of fitting a clutch Output torque (daNm)
0 1 No 25
1 1 Yes 140
2 2 Yes 2 x 140
3 3 Yes 3 x 140
Gearboxes from MM W 8000 to MM W 20000
PTO type
Number of output shafts Possibility of fitting a clutch Output torque (daNm)
A 1 No Engine torque
B2 1 Yes 450
B3 1 Yes 190
B4 1 Yes 530
C 2 Yes 2 x 375

Optional equipment

  • Pump connections with SAE standard flanges
  • Pump assemblies

For all specific requests, please contact us

PTO Types 1,2 & 3 (Our Medium Range)