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Invereurs Reducteurs Marins

Certificat de Garantie

The device that you are going to put into service has been set and checked with all necessary care to allow you to benefit from a long use. However, if an incident occurs, our after-sales department remains at your disposal for operating within the shortest possible time; the data requested on this sheet will then help us to provide a more efficient action.

Warranty will apply entirely only if you are kind enough to complete this certificate and return 2 copies to the address below, immediately after the commissioning of the gearbox. We thank you in advance.

Masson-Marine S.A.S – After Sales Service
89100 St.Denis les Sens (FRANCE)
Tel. 00 33 386 956200
Fax 00 33 386 951378


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Signature client :

Nom du Représentant de Masson Marine

Signature du représentant de Masson Marine (si présent lors de la mise en service du réducteur)

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