A complete control system

The Masson-Marine remote control system is for the engine room. Its chief purpose is to control the propeller pitch. Each system is adapted to the client’s specifications and includes an engine overload protection as a standard feature.

Our control system is designed for both electronic and mechanical control. Based on digital systems and electronic microprocessors, it can be used in both single and in multiple engine applications.

The unit includes 3 panels, i.e. one in the engine room, one on the bridge, and an emergency control panel. Apart from the propeller controls, the panels also include controls and indicators for all the other operating functions of the ship.

The engine overload protection is achieved by an engine power control code. The electronic controller will act on the propeller pitch as soon as the injection flow rate of the engine exceeds a predetermined amount.

The propulsion clutches of the transmissions can also be acted upon from either the bridge or the engine room, depending on which one is active.

Where the ship has power take-off drives (PTOs), the PTO mode will send a corresponding signal to the CPP control system. The CPP control system will then use that signal to disable the overload protection of the main engine, and switch to the general overload protection system instead, which will then provide load and propeller pitch reduction information.

  • The “Dynamic Positioning” system is an integral part of the central processing unit.