MASSON MARINE welcomes new dealer in Cyprus: L. Nemitsas Ltd

MASSON MARINE has expanded their dealership in Europe with L. Nemitsas Ltd in Cyprus. L. Nemitsas Ltd is the Distributor and Service Partner of MASSON MARINE in Cyprus. L. Nemitsas Ltd is an integrated company with Manufacturing and Engineering activities.

Worldwide MASSON MARINE network

MASSON MARINE (Maker of Marine Gearboxes and Propulsion Line since 1908) is represented worldwide by partners who understand the importance of providing high-quality service and have a professional approach, resulting in long-term relationships with customers.
We are very happy to integrate in our network the very serious company L. Nemitsas Ltd.
At MASSON MARINE, we are continuously improving and refining our distribution and service network. That is how we can guarantee our support worldwide. See here the overview of the dealer network.

About L. Nemitsas Ltd

L. Nemitsas Ltd is a leading Engineering Company based in Limassol, Cyprus, established in 1913.

L. Nemitsas Ltd, has diversified activities in the following sectors: Marine, Energy, and Construction machinery. Furthermore, the Company manufactures &exports a vast range of Pumps for various applications at its state-of-the-art Plant, which is also situated in Limassol. The Technical Team of the Company consists of highly qualified engineers and technicians who provide 24/7 service, either on site, or at its main service centre.

L. Nemitsas Ltd prides itself for providing high quality products and services of internationally acclaimed companies who are all leaders in their field, as well as excellent employment opportunities. For more information visit their web site: