From analysis to sea trials

Repowering a ship often aims to increase engine power and thus to directly enhance the overall performance of the ship.

It is often done at the end of the engine life, or when the ship has to meet new operating requirements.

The overall cost of this action depends on the type of vessel, the engine, and the necessity or not to also change other components of the propulsion system.

The various items to be replaced may be:

  • The transmission: is it necessary to change the unit, or only to change the reduction ratio?
  • Line shaft and stern tube: will the diameter of the shaft and tube still fit the new engine?
  • Propeller: will the propeller diameter still fit the new situation?

Masson-Marine Engineering investigate and analyse the elements that might be maintained, changed, or replaced, in order to determine the best performance.

During this analysis, Masson-Marine will be able to give you the results of each change in terms of technical data such as speed, bollard pull, and the overall power of the craft (power available for auxiliary equipment).

After a simple analysis of your project, we will identify those elements to be changed or replaced in order to optimise the cost and, above all, to provide a propulsion system with the highest possible efficiency. Do not hesitate to ask for further information.