You are a customer or a user of Masson Marine products:

You would like to replace your good old product or you have a new shipbuilding project:
Contact the dealer in your area. Click on his icon on the map, and send him a message.

You are looking for parts or you want to repair or recondition a Masson Marine product:
Contact a service point in your area. Click on his icon, and send him a message.

- the service partners are repairers or repair shipyards, whom Masson Marine works regularly with, and who know most of our products well. Although they work on their own behalf and under their own responsibility, they have our trust.

- the other service points subscribe freely to be shown on this map, in order to offer you even more possibilities and closeness for the support and service. Our wish is to develop our cooperation with them and their experience of our products, in order to propose you more and more service partners in the future.

You are a marine repairer or a repair shipyard, and you wish to join Masson Marine service network:

Contact Masson Marine by clicking on the icon of the french headquarter, or fill up the form herebelow. You will sign on directly and you will immediately appear on the map as service point.