High ratio gearboxes

Masson Marine’s range is now updated with new high ratio gearboxes, already approved by several classification companies, such as BV, NKK, GL, LRS, ABS at this day.

We can now offer you several possibilities, for example new MM W3350 available in 2 different ratio : 6.444/1 and 6.842/1 for a pawer of respectively 855 and 711 hp at 1800 rpm.
Another possibility is using a “boîtier RCA”: for example if you fit it on a W7400, we can reach up to ratio 14.007/1.

Some possibilities in our range

  • W3300 k=6.941:1 with 633 hp at 1800 rpm
  • W3350 k=6.842:1 with 711 hp at 1800 rpm
  • W3900 k=6.955:1 with 851 hp at 1800 rpm
  • W6400 k= 7.098:1 with 1279 hp at 1800 rpm
  • W7400 k= 7.521:1 with 1474 hp at 1800 rpm and up to k=9.077:1 with 1216 hp at 1800 rpm and also possibility to reach k= 14,007:1 with so called “boîtier RCA” (783 hp à 1800 rpm)
  • W20500 k= 7.21:1 with 4015 hp at 1650 rpm and up to k=11.894:1 with 2434 hp at 1650 rpm

NB: data based on BV approved power ratings