A complex assembly to implement

Marine propulsion projects imply multiple fields of technology, the contribution of international partners, sometimes complicated financing, and respect of deadlines, which must fit into the schedule of the shipyard.

Fields of technology

  • Hydrodynamics and propeller performance calculations, hydraulics and mechanics.

  • Electronic controls and servo systems

  • Forge shopfloor and foundry shop for large parts (propeller shaft, blades, etc.)

    The transmission, gear calculations, power take-off drives, shaft seals, elastic couplings, etc. are still further parameters to be taken into consideration.

Technical and logistic co-ordination and immediate reactivity

Such projects require studies up to the actual installation, with the following goals:

  • Combine competencies and resources
  • Analyse and control the deadlines and risks
  • Control the cost
  • Reach the desired level of quality

Methodology and tools dedicated to propulsion projects

  • A project manager and a regulating team (combining competencies in technology, sales, and manufacturing), specialised in propulsion projects
  • Commercial validation, technical and logistic verification before launching the project
  • Planning and follow-up software tools
  • Progress and action meetings for each of the different areas of competence of the Masson-Marine teams