Oil or water lubricationCustom design and manufacturing
Blades and propeller hub made of NiBrAl


compatible gearbox P/n (engine power / propeller speed) (kW/rpm) Examples of transmitted power (kW) for given propeller speeds
200 rpm 250 rpm 300 rpm
MM W12000 to MM W18000 7,5 1500 1875 2250
Maximum shaft diameter (mm)  Max diameter A (mm) (propeller) B (mm) (Hub) D maxi (mm) E (mm) I mini (mm) J maxi (mm) L (mm)
230 2880 640 664 460 400 1042 1368,5

For dimensions, please refer to the drawing below.

  • MMI propellers have a system allowing to spot hydraulic leaks if a problem should arise. It enables us to determine whether the oil leak can be fixed from inside or from the outside of the ship.
  • Each propeller system is determined individually for your ship, and a specific comprehensive installation drawing is made.
  • The optimal blade profile is computed and drawn for each project individually.
  • Propeller hub and blades are made of NiBrAl
  • Emergency system for come-home operation after a major hydraulic or electric breakdown.
  • The stern tube can be lubricated either by water or oil.
  • The OD-box (oil distribution box) can be fitted to the gearbox or set up separately.
  • The propeller shaft can be supplied in C 45 grade steel or 316 L stainless steel.
  • High skew blade open water propeller for significantly reduced cavitation.
  • Adding a nozzle will increase propeller thrust by approximately 20 %.
  • Our propellers receive approval by all survey and classification organisations.